Volvere VIBE

Your Entire Studio, In the AIR.

VIBE AIR brings the power of the high-end system with the magic of modern computing, directly to your home at an unbelievable price. A power-house of 64GB Ram along with 16GB GPU. Superfast Virtual 5G internet with speed up to 2000 Mbps. Favourite apps and games are ready to use out of the box. Infinity sync and 2-way file access makes the VIBE the true leapfrog Saas product.

Get the AIR Studio

Firebolt Performance

Create The Impossible

Crashing and hanging is yesterday’s thing, Welcome to the future. Lag-free Graphic always with the latest GPU equivalent to RTX 3060. Play around with massive data at ease with 64GB RAM. Performance all your task at lightning speed with the modern architecture of 16 thread processor. Immerse yourself with our wizard studio and begin your new vigorous journey.


8 - Core CPU

8X fast RAM

sec left 30 / 25 GB, 7.4 GB Mbps 197.07 “Meta” AE Template Pack sec left 30 / 15 GB, 2.4 GB Collection of old games Mbps 156.05 5 GB / 5 GB Android Studio SDK 123.03 Mbps Today Search downloads Downloads

Quantum-leap 5G Inbuilt.

Extraordinary 2000 Mbps!!

Introducing the superfast virtual 5G inbuilt in VIBE. Now do things faster and better than ever. With ultra-fast transoceanic cable, you will get access to heaven's gate of 2000 Mbps 5G internet instantly. Download games, movies or whatever you are looking at in the blink of an eye. The most advanced NAS devices and HVM technology are also present in VIBE which enhances the overall 5G experience.

VIBE Store.

Instant Access to More than
50+ heavy apps and tools.

Introducing 50+ instant apps and games to the VIBE store library. With our modern App & games bundles get rid of installing, configuring and upgrading your favourite apps and games. From Adobe to COD you will find everything here. Just select what you want and start using it. Use the latest and greatest software always. It’s that simple. Seriously.

Bi-Directional Access

Folders (6) Desktop Documents Downloads Music Pictures Videos Devices and drives (4) Devices and drives (2) 64 GB free of 128 GB VIBE Drive (V:) 84.25 GB free of 337 GB OS (C:) Devices and drives (4) Devices and drives (3) Desktop Documents Downloads Music Pictures Videos OS (C:) Personal Files (P:) Designing Projects (D:) Secret data (S:) VIBE Studio Network VIBE Drive (V:) Quick access V Search VIBE Studio File Home VIBE Studio 28.94 GB free of 115.76 GB Secret data (S:) 50 GB free of 250 GB Designing Projects (D:) 75 GB free of 100 GB Personal Files (P:)